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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Felted Acorn Necklaces

Well, It is official, we are in love with Autumn and the projects that emerged as a result.  Nothing beats jumping and running through leaf piles and the feeling of all those colors around us. 
Here is another gem of a project we did this week.  I found this one in The Rhythm of the Day on line magazine.  Ours is a bit more colorful then their example, which I have to say, I love!

 Start by drilling two holes in the top of your acorn. I then threaded waxed linen through the holes, and tied a slip knot on the end.

 Have a bowl of soapy very warm water.

We used a variety of colored wool in an assortment of Fall colors.

 Have the children shape their wool into a ball using slightly wet hands, they should do this before they dip it in the water
 Ooh the colors!

Once they have established a ball, they should then dip it in the water and then roll it in their hands.

Keep this up until it forms a nice dense ball.
Then hot glue it into your acorn top (felt glue also works for this.)

Autumn modeling her necklace.

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