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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making Pine Cone Sheep with Llama Wool

Making Pine Cone Sheep with Llama Wool

This was a delight to make and very easy for a preschooler or their parent.
For Elianna's birthday we had a farm theme, and although it was not a day at Art and Soul Preschool, I wanted to post this project to share.

This project was inspired by a post I found about weaving pine cones on Little Acorn Learning
They weaved yarn and loose wool around a pine cone, and we had recently recieved a huge bag of wool from our friend's neighbors llamas and I thought, why not weave the wool around the pine cone to make sheep.

You will need pine cones
Wool and Pipe Cleaners
Start by wrapping pipe cleaner around the front and back of the pine cone to make legs

After you have your legs, start wrapping the wool around the pine cone pressing it in so that it really sticks

When the sheep looks the way you like, you can use another pipe cleaner to coil around the head to make a face.

Elianna loved her little sheep!

Some left over friends from the party

I Love how different they all are

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